Monday, 10 April 2017


Well... Sid, the chap who sanded and re-varnished our floors did such a great job we asked him to have a look at the sorry state of our kitchen.

Bedroom floor now without paint flecks, with skirting board varnished and sealed!

Since the floor was leveled the kitchen has sort of ‘sunk.’ Well not actually sunk as such but it has that effect as the since the ground floor was leveled all our kitchen units are suddenly 6cm lower than before.  It really is a perfect kitchen for a hobbit. 

The kitchen was always on the list of things to do, so we thought it time to grasp the nettle and get on with it…or at least let someone else far more capable than us get on with it while we were away. 

Until now when we  had always got by with a microwave and a fridge, hence most of  our meals were cheese, ham, olive, salad and bread based.  No problem at all for us but the time will come when it gets a bit chilly and we fancy something cooked.

The kitchen at the moment...note the lack of sink. 

The house did come with a large gas cooker.  It's a bit ugly and doesn’t really lend itself to the small kitchen. Half of the cooker is taken up by a big gas canister; and the other half sublet to a family of spiders and other invertebrates. We never got around to getting a gas bottle.  It just sits there, gathering dust and we only use it to balance the microwave! 

The kitchen sink is great. I love its style and size.  If only it were in the kitchen itself.  Like the rest of the kitchen it’s now that bit lower. Plus we need to have a pump underneath to help the water navigate itself to the drain. 

Which comes to us asking if Sid could lend his hand to remodeling our kitchen.  The sink and the oven are both going, and we are going to put the sink in the kitchen itself.

So this is a rough computer impression of what it might look like. The old sink is currently locate below the side window. That is now going to be a window seat that will double as a place to store wood for the wood burner.  Fingers crossed it will all be done by the time we get back there!

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