Tuesday, 6 September 2016


One of our small daily joys is stuffing our faces with delicious fruit for breakfast - that's alongside the also delicious, but less healthy, croissants and coffee! My particular favourites are the melons and nectarines, and while I'm not usually a great fan of plums, I do enjoy a reine claude (a green gage) and the tiny mirabelles plums available over here. A lovely discovery during our local walks around La Bastide sur l'Hers, has been to not only come across plum trees with branches weighed down by ripe fruit, but to be able to harvest them as well. As a local lady explained the first time we stopped to harvest fruit, they are 'communal' plum trees. Since learning this, we have not hesitated to help ourselves if we see others doing the same. There is something really satisfying and especially tasty about eating a fruit straight off the tree!

Where to start?

A juicy harvest

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