Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Furry Friends

One thing that has changed since we were in La Bastide sur l'Hers last year is the number of cats around. Last year, we didn't notice any in the village. This year, however, we've seen several including two (brother and sister we think)  that have taken over our square as their territory. When we moved in, they didn't waste any time coming over to say bonjour (I'm sure they weren't just after food!). Not knowing if they were owned by someone or feral, and not wanting them to starve, we (or rather, Richard started it!) began feeding them a little bit, not just any old cat food, but delicacies like smoked salmon because that was the only cat-friendly food we had! Since then, needless to say, things have escalated. The kitties now pass by on a regular basis - at least twice daily - for a feed and they often hang out on our window sill. They rub up against our legs when we're out in the street, and they often try and get into the house if we leave a window or door open. We have found out that for the time being, they live opposite us with a young lady who has been looking after them since they were abandoned and until she can find them a new home. Happily this means that they are probably not starving even though they often eat like they are. In fact we've noticed that they gobble down the fancy titbits much faster than the dry cat food that we now also feed them. Funny that!

Ahhh.. irresistible. This one we have christened 'fat guts' as the food doesn't touch his sides!
This is 'dumb-ass'. Although our assessment of her intelligence may have been a little hasty.
Feeding time..fat guts hogging the bowl.

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