Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Itchy feet...France is calling!

Its been far too long.

I now keep a work calendar attached by fridge magnets on the side of the fridge.  Each day I mark a day off!!  It's now less than a month until we get back to our house in the lovely Ariege.  

This time instead of flying directly to Nice or Barcelona we are going via the UK to see family.  Then its a quick flight hopefully from Liverpool to Nice and pick up the hire car.

Point of note. Once you have a car with built in sat nav you never go back!   Its soooo much easier to navigate towns and cites you have never visited before with sat nav.  Trust me on this one.

Our new kitchen should be ready by the time we get back which means we can finally do some cooking.  Having said that, lets face it; its going to be summer, hot, and we'll probably be spending most days eating cold cuts, cheese, olives wine, salad and ham.  However should I get the gastronomic urge to prepare quelque chose different...well the options there.

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