Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Summer 2017: Nous sommes arrivés


Well actually we have been here for a couple of weeks now but with the lack of wifi and being a bit slack and enjoying the sun and food in-between painting we've been a bit remiss in finding somewhere with free wifi to continue blogging!

Ok, so the kitchen was not completely finished.  We sort of expected this to be the case really, and in hindsight we realize there was no way it could be finished without us being there on the ground as it were to authorize the final decision making. The sink and cabinets were in but we were not aware of all the small things  that still needed to be decided.  Tiles, cabinets, paint schemes, lighting arrangement, pipe work....etc.  It's very difficult to plan this from abroad using emails so it was good to finally meet Sid and discuss how we would proceed.

Work in progress...watch this space

We are old hands now at the phone and internet stuff so once we had unpacked we went to the Orange store to get a new sim card and to replenish the airbox with some data.....€40 for 5mb of data!!!!!  So that lasted less than a week before we had to top it up so we are now strictly rationed.   I am allowed to check the cricket score on BBC, but anything on youtube is banned!  So you can see why we only use the blog when we see the magic 'free wifi' logo.   The nearest to us is the recently opened McDonalds in Laroque-d'Olmes.  Not a huge fan of McDonalds but not above the hypocrisy of going in there for a burger and spending an hour on the net!

One pair of rascals who were a brilliant surprise were the two cats...Fatguts and Dumb-ass, who survived the winter and have now made the square their own!  In fact we have renamed Dumb-ass.  She is now called 'Goggles'...due to her piercing stare!   They have been adopted by a kind-hearted local lady, who really saved their lives.  They still remembered that we were the mugs who would give them tinned mackerel.....and we still do. This photo almost looks as if Fatguts is putting her daily order in!

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