Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Chez Nous

We are now chez nous, back in our house in La Bastide sur l'Hers. With two full days behind us, we have had time to feel overwhelmed by the work that needs doing to the house, discover some new problems with it (more about that later), swim in the local swimming pool (daytime temperatures have been over 30 degrees since we arrived in France), explore more of our village on foot, drink at the bar (and at home!), buy fresh pizza from a 'pop up' van, enjoy the peace and quiet, and soak up the slow pace of life. We've also made two trips to Foix in two days - two visits to boutique Orange to re-establish our internet connection and mobile phone (that famous French bureaucracy meant we didn't have all the necessary paperwork to do it all in one day - more about that later too). During our second trip today, we also put down a deposit on a washing machine (this will mean a third trip to Foix in three days as we have to go back tomorrow to pay for it) and visited the Château de Foix, the oldest part of which dates from the 11th century. Here are some Foix photos.

Artisan's market

Chateau de Foix

View of Foix from Chateau

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