Saturday, 20 August 2016

Market night!

Well it's all kicking off in the town square.  Thursday night is marché gourmand night.  A number of food vans have collected around the square and the wonderful smells of chicken and beef and sausage and galette and roast veggies have wafted up to our house. I had planned on a baguette with salad for dinner but whatever is cooking outside is far more inviting.
We took the 30 second walk to get down there and had a glass of wine from an old converted Citroën van. Suitably lubricated we bought a cooked rotisserie chicken and found a spot amongst those sitting at the trestle table to eat it.
Certainly beats going to the supermarket and no dishes as its all on paper plates. Next week I'm going to remember to bring my own wine as that's what all the locals were doing.

First stop - wine van

Food hall

Gathering to eat and drink together

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