Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Our First Week

After nearly a week in La Bastide sur l'Hers, we are feeling tired but happy. We were so excited to have a good internet connection in our house this time with our Orange airbox (dongle) that we used up all of our allotted download in two days (it was meant to last a month!). We are now rationing our time on the internet otherwise it'll get very expensive. Fortunately, we have two nearby wifi hotspots where we can also suck up gigabytes - the local swimming pool and a café in Belesta called Le Palais Cathare.  

Our main problems with the house at the moment are plumbing ones. The kitchen sink is out of action as the pump needed to drain it (don't ask me why) refuses to work so we are having to wash up  in the bathroom. Our two showers have also sprung minor leaks - one we've fixed and the other we hope (especially as it's been fixed once by a plumber already) is an isolated incident caused by excessive splashing when I was cleaning it. Visitors be warned - no unnecessary splashing in the shower please! On the plus side, we now have a washing machine - ah, clean clothes again! We have also chosen the floating parquet floor for the ground floor kitchen/diner/living room (this will be laid by a builder in September as the floor is rather uneven and needs to be levelled). And we've started treating some damp patches on a wall in the stairwell and will be preparing this area and downstairs in the coming days for painting.

Here are some photos from some more leisurely moments.

View across to the village

Colourful riverbank
Soirée culturelle on the market place

Spit-roast farm chickens are a Sunday morning special at the local butchers

Are these the cheapest baguettes in France courtesy of Lidl?

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